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Travel with us to Oaxaca

I invite you to take a trip to Oaxaca as I did many years ago, so that you can learn about its crafts, its art, and its culture.

You will get to know this city by the hand of a Mexican woman and a group of Oaxacan people who are proud to show you their city.

We will visit Oaxaca and its surroundings for 6 days and 5 nights (A), visiting its archaeological zones, its museums and, above all, its artisan towns, where dear friends will open the doors of their workshops to teach us to paint an alebrije, to make black clay, to make natural paintings, wax flowers, chocolates and Oaxacan food.

We will walk through its streets, visit its museums, churches and markets. We will try Oaxacan food as the locals do and attend a Guelaguetza show.

I have carefully designed this trip so that you can see as much as possible of my favorite city in Mexico. We will stay in a hotel in the center of Oaxaca and we will have a van that will take us to all the places we will visit.

Prepare your camera because you will have the opportunity to take the best photos of this beautiful city and its surrounding towns.

My fellow artisans will be waiting for you in their workshops so that you can make a beautiful memory in each one of them and learn about their different working techniques.

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