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San Miguel de Allende


This page is divided into 3 sections, starting with:

Store: It is SAN MIKE's virtual store where Mexican artists and artisans can sell their products and works through the Internet without intermediaries. 


Workshops: It is the space where artists and master artisans promote their workshops and experiences of Mexican arts and crafts throughout the year. From this page you can book and pay for these workshops. In this way, the contact between teachers and students is facilitated.


Trips with workshops: The trips we organize at SANMIKE, are a true cultural immersion, in which we will not only visit the tourist areas. We will do workshops, participate in culinary experiences, visit markets and places that tourists rarely see. We schedule all-inclusive trips where you will get to know a different side of Mexico. 

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Gallery of workshops and experiences

Through these images, we invite you to explore the diversity of activities and the joy of creativity that is experienced in each of our workshops or experiences.

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